Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Word About My Schedule...

In an average week I receive approximately 3-5 requests (via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and sometimes phone) for assistance on a project and/or locating a specific piece of literature and/or requesting to meet in person/talk on the phone about something related to international education.  Some weeks I receive no such messages and other weeks I receive a few more.  I try as hard as possible to reply to each and every message I receive and to help as much as I can.  Please note, however, that I'm not always able to answer in a timely fashion and I must admit that some messages fall through the cracks and they can quickly get lost in the mix.  I currently have between 10-15 messages from the past several weeks that I need to reply to.  If I owe you a reply to a message please know II hope to get to your soon.  I also owe a good colleague a long over due set of questions for an IHEC Blog interview...

Right now my plate is full with family (my wonderful wife and three awesome children ages 9, 5 and 2); my full-time employment as Senior Adviser for International Initiatives in The College at The University of Chicago; serious dissertation research and writing; and, a number of other projects including consulting on the next update of the study abroad research annotated bibliographies.

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