Monday, December 13, 2010

"Intercultural Matters: The Internationalization of Higher Education" a lecture by Jolene Koester

I wanted to alert IHEC Blog readers that video of the 2011 “Josef Mestenhauser Lecture on Internationalizing Higher Education" featuring Jolene Koester, President of California State University, Northridge, has been posted online by the University of Minnesota, Office of International Programs at  I was unable to find a way to embed the video into this post so you will need to follow the link above.  I really enjoyed watching/listening this lecture and look forward to the 2012 lecture.  I hope someday I can attend!

On a side note: During the introduction of the lecture, Gayle Woodruff indicates that a 300 page Mestenhauser publication based on the inaugural lecture on internationalizing higher education is forthcoming and will become available online!

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