Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Would Make a Great Smartphone App for Study Abroad?

I was thinking the other day about smart phone applications and the international educational experience.  Specifically, I wonder what features would be essential for a "study abroad" smart phone app?  There are certainly enough individual apps (most free) that make travel, living and studying easier.  What, in your opinion, would make a great study abroad app?

Some time ago, Abroad 101 put together a Top 10 iPhone Apps for the Student Abroad list and Study Abroad Blog - GIC Argentina put together a 15 iPad Apps for the Study Abroad Student list Additionally, the internationalstudent.com blog is available as an iPhone app and that is how I access this blog (get it here).

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  1. I'd be really intrigued to see what others say. I love to read these kind of lists (I think Matador Network had a good one recently too), and there are so many study abroad-related apps... I have my own ideas...

  2. Great Smart phone should have a some features and applications which makes them useful when study abroad are

    1. Google Maps
    2. XE Currency
    3. Facebook
    4. Skype
    5. Tweetie
    6. Flight Status ($3.99)
    7. Trip It (Free)
    8. Mobile Photos
    9. Wide Email

  3. Are you thinking about development?? I recently used Tripit for a recruitment trip around the world and it was invaluable. If you fly Delta I recommend there app as well. Thinking academically, it would be nice to have Blackboard access from your mobile...or is this possible already?

  4. @Frank ~ If I had the skills and time I'd be thinking about developing something. For someone tech savy enough it is a great opportunity! I think Blackboard access via mobile would be great! Don't know if it already exists.

    @villa espagne ~ many thanks for your thoughts on features for a study abroad app!

  5. 70 Seriously Awesome iPhone Apps for College Students Abroad at http://bit.ly/d02srK

  6. "Studying abroad? There’s an app for that" post over on the API Blog at http://www.academicintl.com/blog/pre-departure/host-inst-iphone-apps/

  7. The best #iPhone apps for your #China adventure. Subscribe to #China For #International #Students For #Free! http://www.chinastudentmag.com/ (via @chinastudentmag on Twitter)