Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Uchicago Future Peace Corps Volunteers Facebook Group

Yesterday I decided to produce a week long series here on IHEC Blog focusing on internationalization in The College at The University of Chicago where I work.  As I was strolling through the halls of Harper Memorial Library looking for items to take pictures of I came across an interesting sign for the Peace Corps.  This wasn’t about an upcoming informational session/meeting for prospective students.  Rather, it was a sign for a new Facebook book called the Uchicago Future Peace Corps Volunteers Facebook Group.  The University of Chicago is consistently a top producer of Peace Corps Volunteers each year and I have posted to IHEC Blog about that in the past (read here).  I copied and pasted information about the group below:
 We are a group of students that are interested in community service, raising awareness about global issues, and providing knowledge and support for any member of the University who is interested in the Peace Corps. We hope to: 
*promote existing service opportunities for University students that are in line with Peace Corps values--meeting service needs and promoting better cross-cultural understanding--while also creating new opportunities to meet community deficits.
* provide all undergraduates with knowledge about the Corps as a post-graduation path, as well as the skills and resources necessary to become the best candidates for Peace Corps selection.
* reach out to current University of Chicago alums serving in the Peace Corps by grant writing and fundraising in support of their community service projects in order to promote a culture of global volunteerism.

I wonder what impact this Facebook group will have on the number of Peace Corps applicants from the University of Chicago?

Photo credit: http://davidcomp.wordpress.com/

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