Friday, August 13, 2010

Pub Crawling and Study Abroad

Just a sampling...

To be sure, it's not just U.S. students participating in these pub crawls...


  1. Ok, I think it's nothing wrong with mixing a little fun in with studying, but how do these students mange to keep this pace up every night?

  2. @Alisa ~ Many thanks for your comment. I agree that there is nothing wrong with mixing a little fun with studying (abroad or domestically). In fact, I did my fair share...I turned 16 and 18 in Germany as an exchange student and then had a bit of fun when I studied abroad in Spain. I posted these videos for a couple of reasons. 1. for a health and safety perspective. I started following a "pub crawl" search term in Twitter since I posted this and almost all of the pub crawl posts are related to activities here in the U.S. 2. This is the most important I posted these videos...from a public diplomacy perspective, I wonder what the local population in these cities think about all these young Americans getting drunk and loud and how do these experiences/interactions affect their perspective of the U.S.

  3. David,
    You raised two very valid and important reasons for posting these videos. In regards to how the videos influence other countries views of the US and Americans, unfortunately they support the negative images many of these countries hold onto. Thanks for educating me on this alarming situation.