Friday, July 9, 2010

IHEC Blog Interview with Christopher Murphy about Writing for and Publishing at NAFSA

During the NAFSA annual conference in Kansas City, Missouri this past May I was fortunate to interview Christopher Murphy, Senior Director for Publications at NAFSA, about the publishing process at NAFSA.  I first met Christopher during the NAFSA Winter Leadership Meeting in January 2006 when I joined the NAFSA Subcommittee on Information Management (SIM) representing the Teaching, Learning and Scholarship Knowledge Community.  I had the pleasure of serving on this committee for three years and I really learned a lot about publishing from Christopher and his NAFSA colleagues!

Do you have an idea for a NAFSA publication?  Do you have an idea for an article for International Educator?  If so, be sure to check out the "Get Published in NAFSA Publications" webpage here.  You should also feel free to contact one of the SIM members who are listed on this same webpage.

Many colleagues and IHEC Blog readers know that I'm a fan and collector of international education literature and I encourage you to take a look around NAFSA's publication website to see what resources are available to help with your practice and/or research efforts.  Also, if you find yourself at a NAFSA annual conference be sure to set aside time to visit the NAFSA Bookstore where you can find a nice selection of publications by NAFSA as well as from other publishers!

Photo credit:  David Comp, 2010 NAFSA Annual Conference, Kansas City, Missouti

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