Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GLOSSARI - Georgia Learning Outcomes of Students Studying Abroad Research Initiative

Inside Higher Ed published an article today entitled “Academic Outcomes of Study Abroad” that I was very excited to read.  The article highlights the ten year GLOSSARI - Georgia Learning Outcomes of Students Studying Abroad Research Initiative and the outcomes that were presented at the NAFSA annual conference held in Kansas City, Missouri this past May.  The GLOSSARI project is lead by Don Rubin, professor emeritus of speech communication and language education at the University of Georgia and research director for GLOSSARI and Rick Sutton, director of the GLOSSARI project, executive director of international programs at Western Kentucky University, and formerly assistant vice chancellor for international programs at the University System of Georgia.  I met Rick Sutton several years ago at a NAFSA conference (Seatlle in 2005 I believe) and again at the NAFSA conference this year at the Advancing Internationalization on Our Campuses Through Research seminar in which Rick was the featured speaker and I was a late invite to serve as a discussant.  I also had the pleasure to meet Don Rubin at this research seminar and it was an absolute treat for me as I’ve been a fan of both Don and Rick’s work on the GLOSSARI project since it launch. 

I won’t summarize the Inside Higher Ed article in this post as you can read the article here.  I do want to highlight that the GLOSSARI project website has the final report available for download as well as many conference presentations and data sets!

To see the complete chart on the growth of research on U.S. students abroad that was quoted in the Inside Higher Ed “Academic Outcomes of Study Abroad” article see my July 10, 2009 IHEC blog post “Growth of Research on U.S. Students Abroad"

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