Monday, July 19, 2010

Annotated International Education Bibliographies

For many, many years I have been compiling annotated bibliographies on international education in the United States [primarily on U.S. students abroad but dabbling a little in international students literature].  It has been some time since I made a significant update to any of these bibliographies and I’m slowly working to update these and as soon as I complete my dissertation (hopefully by spring 2011 but possibly autumn 2011) I’ll begin working on these updates on a more frequent basis.  In the meantime, you can access all of the annotated bibliographies I have compiled (or have been involved with) at [1]

Education Abroad and It’s Value in the Job Market ©
Faculty Members Abroad ©
Female Students Abroad ©
GLBTQ Students Abroad ©
Heritage Seeking in Education Abroad ©
Research on Underrepresentation in Education Abroad: An Annotated Bibliography ©
Research Bibliographies and Abstracts on Study Abroad ©
Annotated Bibliography of Research on International Students in the U.S. ©

Photo credit:  dfulmer

[1] Please note that all of these bibliographies are copyright protected but anyone may use, distribute, manipulate, embed or use any way as long as proper citation is given and as much as possible linked back to


  1. Thanks for making these resources available David! It's helpful knowing you can find this type of info all in one place.

  2. @Frank ~ Thanks for your comment. There is almost too much literature out there (not a bad thing!) and it makes compiling these bibliographies a part-time job which is why they haven't had a significant update in so long!