Thursday, July 15, 2010

264 International Education/Exchange Related YouTube Channel Subscriptions

Back in November 2009 I created the IHEC Blog YouTube channel as a way to compile a subscription list of all international education/exchange related channels on YouTube.   I posted to IHEC Blog about this new network and in the first week I had 13 subscriptions.  As of last night (when I wrote this post), I have compiled a subscription list of 264 channels related to international education and exchange which you can view here.

Do you manage or know of a related YouTube channel that is not on this subscription list?  If so please leave a comment below or send me an e-mail at with the link (and a brief description of the channel if it is not already on the channel) and I’ll add it.

You may need to pay for Cable or Satellite but you can watch international education/exchange videos on IHEC Blog’s YouTube channel for free!  Okay, you can watch most shows for free on the internets these days…


  1. Hi David, MIUSA has a You Tube channel called miusa1981

    Olivia Hardin (MIUSA employee)

  2. Many thanks Olivia! MIUSA's YouTube channel is added to the subscription list!

  3. Its Very Nice International Higher Education Consulting Blog. Really I Like One Other Related To You Study In Australia Its Also A Good Place To All..

  4. Total subscriptions now total 506