Monday, June 14, 2010

IHEC Blog is Going on a Family Vacation

Early tomorrow morning I will be heading out with the family on our family vacation and the day after I return I'm scheduled to defend my dissertation proposal so I'm hoping for no flight delays!  I hope to be able to post to IHEC Blog next Thursday, June 24th but the craziness involved with returning to work and Chicago life after a week of vacation may make this quite difficult.  I do believe, however, that I will resume my normal IHEC Blog, IHEC Blog Facebook page and Twitter activities on Monday, June 28th.

I will be on my iPhone (and will have my laptop along with me as it seems I will need to do some work/prep for my dissertation proposal defense during my vacation) and I anticipate that I may post occasionally to Twitter and Facebook (like I did during the NAFSA conference in Kansas City two weeks ago) on anything related to international education and/or intercultural issues that I may come across on our vacation.

We haven't told our kids where we are going and they simply think that we are heading up to visit family in Milwaukee (fun indeed) but early tomorrow morning we will wake them and spring the news that we are heading  to this castle and the surrounding area...without clicking on the photo credit link below can you guess where we are headed?

Photo credit:  bubble_gum


  1. Enjoy Six Flags (jk)! All the best at the proposal defense.

  2. Now that I'm at Disneyland I'm not sure this photo is the castle here. Too busy and tired to investigate further at the moment. Hope to be back to posting on Thursday!

  3. Have a great vacation and good luck on the defense!