Monday, April 12, 2010

Experiencing Some Minor Technical Difficulties at IHEC Blog...My Apologies

Since changing the template for IHEC Blog a couple of weeks ago I have been experiencing a few technical difficulties.  First, the Google Analytics tracking code stopped working (I guess that happens with a change in template...who knew?) and I finally figured everything out [13 days later] and correctly re-inserted the code again.

Most problematic is that the occasional IHEC Blog post chooses to present itself differently than all of the others.  While I am okay with the occasional rebel post I would at least like it to be readable.  In my efforts to correct the post today I reposted it two more times which means that all who follow IHEC Blog via Facebook, RSS feed and e-mail received multiple posts.  Sorry for that.  I'm still not satisfied with the post today and will probably try to re-post it in the future [after I meet a dissertation proposal deadline].

Photo credit:  Robert Brook

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  1. Of course my post about technical difficulties does not experience any technical difficulties!