Friday, March 5, 2010

Capacity Building for Undergraduate Study Abroad - “One-time Competitive Grants Program“ by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

I was alerted to the following Request for Grant Proposals (RFPG) from the March 5, 2010 HEI e-News by Education USA. This “One-time Competitive Grants Program – Competition A –Academic Programs” includes a component on “Capacity Building for Undergraduate Study Abroad.” I have generously copied and pasted the relevant information from the HEI e-News announcement below:

The purpose of this component of the competition is to build the capacity of U.S. institutions of higher education and of potential host institutions abroad to provide study abroad opportunities for U.S. undergraduate students. Proposals should follow one of three models:

(a) U. S. institutions with substantial experience providing study abroad opportunities may partner with international counterparts with limited experience receiving U.S. students in order to expand the capacity of the foreign partner to host U.S. students, particularly in locations that have been underserved by traditional study abroad programs.

(b) U.S. institutions with substantial experience providing study abroad opportunities may cooperate with less experienced U.S. partner colleges and universities to enable the less experienced institutions to develop programs with international counterparts or build their study abroad offices through professional visits of administrators, faculty and/or students.

(c) U.S. institutions with limited experience administering study abroad programs may seek to strengthen their study abroad offices or expand their capacity to administer such programs. Budgets for proposals submitted in this category should not exceed $60,000.

Anticipated award amount will be $250,000 on average. The deadline for submissions is April, 12, 2010. You can link to the full text of the RFGP to learn more at

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