Monday, January 25, 2010

NAFSA Action Alert: Urge Your Senators to Vote NO on Amendment to H.J.Res 45Take Action!

The following IHEC Blog post is from NAFSA’s Action Alert sent out via e-mail this morning and is posted in it’s entirety with the permission of Kari Lantos at NAFSA. If you support this initiative (and are a U.S. citizen) please take a minute to write to your Senators. It’s fast and easy and while you are taking action on this issue please consider taking action here on other issues related to international education.

Urge Your Senators to Vote NO on Amendment to H.J.Res 45Take Action!

Senator Coburn Amendment Would Consolidate Several International Education Programs

The Senate is currently considering a joint resolution (H.J.Res. 45) to increase the statutory limit on the public debt. Senator Coburn has offered an amendment to the bill that would require the consolidation of many government programs, including several international education programs. On Senator Coburn's list of duplicative international education programs that need to be consolidated are: the Department of Education's Title VI Programs and Fulbright Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Program; the Department of State's Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program; the Defense Department's National Security Education Program; and the Office International Science and Engineering at the National Science Foundation. This amendment is scheduled to be debated this week.

Clearly, the reduction or elimination of these programs would have a negative impact on many students and campuses in the U.S. Please call your Senator to ask that they vote NO to this amendment, which among other things, would have a negative impact on the global education of American students. Sample talking points can be found on the Take Action Center.

While we don't know what chance this amendment has for passing, we don't want to miss this great opportunity to educate your members of Congress about the importance of international education. Please call your Senators today!

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