Wednesday, December 2, 2009

U.S. Students Heading to Copenhagen and their Public Opinion Poll relating to the United Nations Climate Change Conference

In an effort to help spread the word I’m posting the following message from the Green Passport Program network that comes from an Ithaca College student who will be traveling to the United Nations Climate Change Conference this weekend and who is asking for assistance in answering some daily poll questions.

"We want the delegates and the press to know how we and our fellow citizens feel about climate change and the policies surrounding it. Together with Dickinson College we have planned a daily Public Opinion Poll to do just that. Every day we will have one simple yes/no question to be answered by as many people globally as possible. We are hoping to gather 1 MILLION VOTES PER DAY.

For daily poll reminders– and to help spread awareness– please join our Facebook Group at:

Further information for connecting to the poll and its results is located at the following website:

At this site you can read about our participation at the UN-FCCC, Meet the Delegates (and read our bios), link to our Facebook Fan Page and/or Twitter page, and link to the Public Opinion Poll where you can VOTE and see the daily results! We will also results at our Exhibit Space in Copenhagen that we were graciously given by the UN.

We are sure to get media attention so look for us in the news!"

Here is a different message
Stustainabiltyabroad mailing list (actually, the message was posted to the mailing list by Astrid Jirka, the Green Passport Director) from the faculty member at Ithaca College who will be leading this group of students to Copenhagen.

“My International Environmental Policy class and I are leaving Friday to attend the climate change talks in Copenhagen. One of our goals is to bring to voice of the people to the delegates and the press. Together with Dickinson College, we have planned a daily public opinion poll - one simple yes/no question - to be answered by as many people globally as possible and then we will display the votes at our exhibit space. Our goal is 1 million votes per day - which means we need to go viral and reach out to everyone we know (you) and everyone you know and so on.

The relevant information for connecting to the poll and its results is:

This site is our hub site that shows how the poll looks, and will be where the results are available. People can get connected via twitter or facebook right from this site from where they can get daily reminders to answer the poll questions.

I would very much appreciate whatever you could do to publicize the poll! Through your email contacts, facebook friends, any one you can reach out to - anywhere! Many thanks - Susan Allen Gil"

Please participate in the poll if you can and help spread the word!

If you are interested in the Global Passport Program you can link to and join at

If you are interested in subscribing to the Sustanabilityabroad mailing list you can do so at

Check out this Oct. 15th IHEC Blog post entitled “International Educational Exchange and Climate Change”

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