Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Germany as a Study Abroad Destination for American Students in the STEM Fields

A short time ago I found out that a manuscript I submitted to a journal had been accepted for publication in 2010. My article, “Germany as a Study Abroad Destination of American Students in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Fields: A Historical Examination,” was submitted some time ago and the only recommendations for revision that I received from the Editorial Board was that I should add a few more examples of current developments/programs for American STEM students to study and/or research in Germany. In addition to focusing on family during y brief winter break (over the Christmas holiday through the New Year’s Eve festivities) I plan to start work on a brief update to this manuscript.

This IHEC Blog post is more of a request for assistance to locate two or three new specific programs, developments, collaborations, etc. in Germany for American STEM students. I’ve been saving various pieces of information from listservs, e-newsletters and other resources over the past couple of months to sort through but I thought I would put out this call to see if any IHEC Blog readers have any recommendations. If you know of anything I would love to hear from you and you can e-mail me at Please understand that I cannot incorporate every program/opportunity I learn about into my revision.

Many thanks in advance! David


  1. RISE (DAAD) is a perfect example of the type of program your looking for. Hope this helps! Happy writing!

  2. The Association of International Educators, NAFSA, has some advice for the next President of the United States, whomever that may be, when it comes to the important national goal of sending more American students to study abroad each year. Since the presidency is directly involved with public diplomacy, NAFSA has put some of the responsibility of increasing study abroad in the hands of the commander in chief.