Friday, November 6, 2009

Links of Interest for Week of October 30th to November 5th

It’s been a long and busy week for me and my posts to IHEC Blog were a bit sporadic. Sorry about that. I hope that you find some of the following links I pulled from The Twitter to be of interest:

New report “The Spaces Between Numbers: Getting International Data on Higher Education Straight” (via @

Evaluation of the Youth Exchange & Study Program: Final Report

Is the World Our Campus? International Students and U.S. Global Power in the Long Twentieth Century

India Looks to Expand Education Partnerships with United States (via @NAFSA)

U.S. Secretary of Education Duncan & Jordanian Education Minister Al-Ma'ani to lead 2-way video conversation between students

Quality Management and Study Abroad [CIEE Our View series n.15] (via @IDPDRIE)

The Value of a Study Abroad Program for Graduate Students in Psychology (via @AustraLearn)

Public Diplomacy: Lessons from the Past - a new publication by @
NickCull (via @andrewkneale)

Explore the types of Fulbright Scholar grants that were funded in 2009-10 by academic discipline (via @FulbrightSchlrs)

WanderingEds Profiles in International Education series: Jim Buschman of NYU

8,500 people submitted applications for the 2010 Fulbright U.S. Student Program, a thousand more than last year (via @WESFans)

My reply to random person who e-mailed me asking for assistance with their literature review can be found in the comments section (see comment #6) of my IHEC Blog post about this message

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