Monday, November 16, 2009

International Education Week, Economic Impact Statements & Open Doors 2009

If you are following international education offices, organizations or people in the field on Twitter or reading/receiving/google alerts feeds from any higher education publication it is hard to miss the fact today marks the start of International Education Week in the U.S. (thanks President Clinton!), that the Institute of International Education (IIE) released their annual 2009 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange and that NAFSA: Association of International Educators released their 2008-2009 Economic Impact Statements.

There is a lot of information to read, analyze and synthesize and I admit I haven’t had much time to do this yet. I do plan to post to IHEC Blog, to the IHEC Blog Facebook page, and to Twitter about these topics all this week.

Following are a few links to whet your appetite[i]. These are the main sites I will be visiting/using in my analysis of this data and to see what, if any, trouble I can stir up in an attempt to start discussions on how we perceive and/or report on the state of the field of international education.[ii]

International Education Week by U.S. Departments of State & Education

[i] Many thanks to Andy Amsler over at NAFSA his message this morning.
[ii] Please see this IHEC Blog post from March 20, 2007 to see an example of the type of discussion I like to see us international educators, as well as outsiders, participate in.

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