Monday, October 26, 2009

International Education Offices, Organizations and People on Twitter & Facebook or MySpace

From time to time I have posted to IHEC Blog about new media (or social networking sites) and the growing number of users in the field of international education. In fact, my last several IHEC Blog posts on Fridays has been a list of interesting links that I pulled from Twitter.

In my opinion, international educators should not underestimate the power and value of new media tools (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Study Abroad Alumni International, ExchangesConnect, NAFSA’s network discussion forums, etc.). Find a few extra minutes in your day to investigate and to participate!

If you are looking for a place to start, my colleague Penny Schouten has been compiling a growing list of international education programs and colleagues on Twitter and Facebook/MySpace. You access Penny’s list for Twitter here and her list for Facebook/MySpace here.
For those of you attending the upcoming NAFSA: Association of International Educators Regional conferences I thought I would add the following information that Penny posted this past Friday to SECUSS-L:
"The hashtag (#) is used in Twitter so that people can follow a specific conversation. So far the hashtags designated to be used by the regionals are:

Oct 26-29th Region 3: #NAFSAR309
Nov 7-10th Region 6: #nafsa609
Nov 11-14th Region 8: #NAFSA09VIII
Nov 3-5th Bi-regional 10 & 11: #nafsaxxi

If you are tweeting from a conference, please include the appropriate hashtag so we can follow your tweets and find out what's happening at your conference.
Even if you don't have a twitter account, you can see what people are talking about at each conference by going to and putting the corresponding hashtag in the search box."
You can follow Penny on Twitter at

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