Friday, September 11, 2009

Links of Interest for the Week of Sept. 7th to 11th

It’s been a very, very busy week for me (as I knew it would be) and I’m happy that I had prepared messages prior to my vacation which were scheduled to post to IHEC Blog this week. For today’s post I thought I would search through my recent Twitter posts for items relevant to IHEC Blog and provide a brief list (click on the item/topic to learn more):

Overseas Study at Indiana University Bloomington: Plans, Participation, and Outcomes (May 2009)

Where in the World is iDrop?

Next Monday will be the 400th post on IHEC Blog. I currently have 394 followers on Twitter. What are odds of 400th Twitter follower hitting the same day as my 400th post IHEC Blog post?

American Council on Education to Recognize Innovative Uses of Technology to Promote Internationalization.
Rick Steves' in Iran is now on Hulu

Tool for Institutions & Organizations to Assess Diversity of Participants in Study Abroad

International Students with Disabilities Accessing Community Resources

National Council for International Visitors Archive Library

Institute of International Education CEO Allan Goodman makes the case for international education

Why is consular notification and access so important?

Call for Proposals~Going Global 4, The UK’s international education conference

STEM field participation in the Fulbright Scholar Program by numbers

Many thanks Online Degrees Hub for listing IHEC Blog in your list of 100 Best Higher Education Blogs!

Have a great weekend!


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