Monday, August 24, 2009

Rick Steves’ Book “Travel as a Political Act” available for only $5 for Teachers and Professors

While I was out on “vacation” last week I received an e-mail from Rick Steves (not a personal message but because I signed up to receive his updates) informing me that his new book Travel as a Political Act is available for teachers and professors for only $5. Below I have copied and pasted a small snippet of the details relating to Travel as a Political Act:

- It's eye-opening: Travel as a Political Act starts with the premise that we can't begin to understand the world without experiencing it. Travel connects people to people, it helps us fit more productively into a shrinking world, and it inspires creative new solutions to persistent problems.

- It's personal: Through his own experiences, Rick explains how anyone can travel more thoughtfully — anywhere. And he shares a series of his field reports from Europe, Central America, and the Middle East to show how travel has shaped his politics and broadened his perspective.

- It's good for you: Americans who approach travel thoughtfully — as a political act — can have the time of their lives and come home with a better understanding of the interconnectedness of today's world and just how our nation fits in.

Rick Steves has also created a special forum for teachers and professors to access to discuss how Travel as a Political Act “can be used to inspire students to develop a global perspective” which you can access
here. If you are a teacher or a professor and wish to bring the concept of travel as a political act into your classroom by using this book as a classroom resource, course text book or recommended reading for students then you should visit THIS webpage to get this special offer.
Some time ago I posted to IHEC Blog about Travel as a Political Act which you can read here.
You can read more about Rick Steves social activism including many articles on developing a global perspective through travel here.


  1. thanks, david!! ordered. i appreciate this!

  2. Very nice post. I really like your article. I would like to apprecite your efforts. Thanks alot for sharing such a nice article.

  3. My husband purchased Rick's "Europe Through the Back Door 2011" for me, and I love the non-tourist feel it gives. We are headed to Scotland for my husband's education and hope to immerse ourselves in the culture. We'll be taking this book and our 40 episodes of Rick in Europe! Thank you for your insight. We hope to use our travels as a chance to help others who travel the same route.