Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Canadian Education Centre Network Is No More

As I was reading Not-So-Foreign: A Bulletin for International Education Professionals (Vol. 8, Issue 24, July 2, 2009) I came across a news piece entitled “Canadian Education Centre Network. 1995-2009 (RIP)” informing that the Canadian Education Centre Network (CECN) closed its doors on July 1st. I must admit that I was familiar with CECN by name only but it is an interesting development in Canadian international education affairs that I only read about in Not-So-Foreign. You can read the full Not-So-Foreign article about CECN here.

Not-So-Foreign: A Bulletin for International Education Professionals is published by
Higher-Edge and you can access their past issues as well as subscribe for free here. I really like Not-So-Foreign and highly recommend you request a submission.

Additionally, Higher-Edge also publishes Overseas, Overwhelmed which, after a quick glance through their past issues, seems to be an additional resource that you can subscribe to for free. I just subscribed

As you can tell, this post really has less to do with the demise of CECN and more to do with the free publications of

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