Tuesday, July 14, 2009

International Education and China

I’ve written about China and related topics here on IHEC Blog several times in the past. To blog on international education and public diplomacy and not mention China from time to time would be an oversight. It’s been a very busy several weeks for me and I’m still clearing out my Google Reader and sifting through the numerous Google Alerts I receive. Last night I found 30 minutes spend on these activities and I found several articles related (in part or in whole) to international education and China. Here are a few of the select articles that might be of most interest to IHEC Blog readers:

"Mainland's preferential policies help boost Cross-Straits cultural exchange", experts from the July 13th issue of China View

"Don’t forget China during Indian dilemma" from the July 14th issue of Campus Review (subscription required but good abstract)

Guest column: "Insights from China reinforce call for citizen diplomacy" from the July 8th issue of the Des Moines Register

"Progressive education comes to China" posted July 12th to The Comment Factory

"Chinese-student patriotism in U.S." from the July 14th issue of The Daily Texan

"College abroad becoming a bargain" from the July 7th issue of China Daily
You can link to all previous IHEC Blog posts that touch on China or Chinese students studying abroad here.

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