Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Call for Papers on Study Abroad in Neues Curriculum: Journal for Best Practices in Higher Education German Studies

Neues Curriculum has put out a call for papers on study abroad for their third issue. This is an excellent and unique opportunity to get published and to reach a non-study abroad/international education audience (although an audience that is most likely highly informed and supportive of study abroad programs. I have copied and pasted information about this “Study Abroad” issue from the Neues Curriculum website below:

“The traditional German Study Abroad Experience: Junior Year, Vorlesungsverzeichnis, Auslandsamt, Gemeinschaftsk├╝che, and don’t forget the Scheine! But in the 21st century, even more modern approaches face challenges: More students are interested in shorter term programs, have more expectations towards “service” and “comfort”, and perhaps even wish for courses auf Englisch! Preferably electronically.

Issue 3 of Neues Curriculum focuses on best practices and current trends in studying abroad: Innovative short-term programs, better recruiting, new initiatives to combine studying abroad with internships, ways to share resident directors or to do without one and still keep the benefits, solutions that make studying abroad more affordable for the students or more efficient for smaller programs. And, of course and like always, away from home we hope to find the unexpected.

NC solicits best practices from the past and present including traditional programs that have stood the test of time, integrated German Studies programs involving English language classes, and new approaches that seek to integrate into the new Bachelor programs at German Universities.

How did your institution (re)structure its deep immersion experience? Let us know. We plan to start publishing articles (3-20 pages) for this issue on September 1. Later contributions will be published as they arrive, all after peer review.”

You can learn more about this call for papers and submission guidelines here.


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