Friday, June 26, 2009

NAFSA Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community (TLS-KC) Call for Proposals

The NAFSA TLS-KC has issued a call for proposals for the NAFSA 2010 annual conference in Kansas City, Missouri. The TLS-KC encourages you to submit a proposal for a general conference session, poster presentation, or workshop for the 2010 conference on the theme “The Changing Landscape of Global Higher Education.”

Successful TLS conference proposals will provide Theory Connections by highlighting the theoretical foundations underlying our work; Theory Reflections by showcasing experts’ insight into theory-driven work; and Theory Applications by providing case examples and practice resources.

Major foci of the TLS Knowledge Community are:

- Internationalizing Curriculum and Campus
- Intercultural and Cross-cultural Training
- Research and Assessment
- Theory Connections, Reflections, and Applications

The TLS-KC welcomes POSTER and WORKSHOP proposals on topics such as:

-International education pedagogies: how can they inform our work and do we need new models?
- Identity Issues Emerging from International Educational Exchange
Cross-cultural and Intercultural Education
-What are the relationships between growing global civil society networks (as opposed to the strict affairs of the nation-state) and international/intercultural education?
- What role does international/intercultural education play in fostering a life-long commitment to global and civic engagement?
- How is citizen diplomacy influencing international education and vice-versa?
- Teaching and Learning Challenges in Internationalizing the Curriculum
- What are the linkages between foreign language learning and culture learning?
- Cross-Border and Transnational Educational Movements
- Research and Trends in the Internationalization of Higher Education
- Current and Future Challenges in International Education
- Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Internationalization and International Education: tools, insights, outcomes, and advocacy
- What theories do use to support your programs? How do they influence the design of your programs and influence outcomes?
- What is the role of the faculty in the internationalization of higher education?

You can download a full TLS-KC call for proposals

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