Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Embedded Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit

I recently learned of a new resource developed by my colleague Anthony Ogden and his collaborators Duarte B. Morais and Christine Buzinde (all from The Pennsylvania State University) that I think many IHEC Blog readers will find of interest. The Embedded Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit is grounded in teaching for global citizenship and academic development and the description on the website states:

“This toolkit has been developed to be used primarily by faculty to aid in the development and implementation of embedded programs. The toolkit complements university administrative and logistical services by offering a portfolio of tested and applicable instructional strategies that leverage the embedded international travel component of these courses to optimize academic learning and the development of global citizenship.”

It’s recommended that readers read over the PDF of the whole Toolkit before downloading the individual tools. There is much there about the context of the tools and rationale that Ogden used in developing them.

You can access the Toolkit here.

If you are interested in the Toolkit please contact:

Anthony Ogden
Educational Theory and Policy
Comparative and International Education
The Pennsylvania State University

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