Monday, May 4, 2009

International Education Podcasts

My research efforts over the past several months has lead me to discover a variety of interesting international education podcasts and I think many IHEC Blog readers might also find interest/value in so I thought I would share:

CIHE Podcast Initiative of The Boston College Center for International Higher Education

The Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) has been making podcasts available for some time now and there are sixteen different podcasts currently available on their website here. Here is a listing of the various podcasts that I obtained from the CIHE Podcast Initiative

- Dewayne Matthews, U.S. Higher Education Attainment in a Global Context
- Jamil Salmi, The Challenge of Establishing World-Class Universities
- Hala Taweel, The Academic Profession in Palestine
- Kai-ming Cheng, Humanities and Social Science Education in Hong Kong and East Asia
- Jorge Balán,
World Class and Research Universities in Asia and Latin America
- Jane Knight, IAU Global Survey Report on Internationalization of Higher Education
- Briget Terry Long & D. Bruce Johnstone,
Special Video Supplement: Cost, Access, and Equity in Higher Education: American and International Perspectives
- Peggy Blumenthal,
Assessing U.S. Study Abroad Capacity for Growth and Diversification
- Philip G. Altbach,
U.S. Government Interest in Internationalization and the International Branch Campus Phenomenon
- Brian Whalen,
Spotlight on the U.S. Study Abroad Enterprise and Standards for Good Practice
- Michael (Mick) Vande Berg, Quality, Accountability, and Research in U.S. Study Abroad
- David Crosier,
Trends V and the Bologna Process in European Higher Education
- Hans de Wit,
International Student Circulation in a Global Context
- Alan Contreras,
Diploma Mills and Degree Fraud
- D. Bruce Johnstone,
Higher Education Finance, Access, and Equity
- Patti McGill Peterson,
Perspectives on the International Mobility of Scholars

You can access the CIHE Podcast Initiative website

Hedda – the European association of research centres, institutes and groups with expertise in higher education research

Hedda has just launched The International Higher Education Podcast on their
blog. The following is a description from the Hedda Blog post about their new The International Higher Education Podcast project:

“The podcast will begin with Part 1 in a series of interviews focusing on the recently published book,
Borderless Knowledge? Understanding the "New" Internationalisation of Research and Higher Education in Norway. The first interview in this series features Dr. Peter Maassen. Dr. Maassen is Professor of Higher Education at the University of Oslo and a Senior Research Fellow at NIFU STEP. He is also Director of Hedda, a consortium of European centers for research in Higher Education.

Our podcast then concludes with an interview featuring Dr. Shinichi Yamamoto. Dr. Yamamoto is Professor of Higher Education and Director of the Research Institute for Higher Education at Hiroshima University in Japan. For this interview Dr. Yamamoto gives us his perspective on Higher Education in Japan.”

You can access the Hedda The International Higher Education Podcast

Smart Study Abroad

Smart Study Abroad is an excellent blog on study abroad with a primary focus on U.S. students studying abroad and one that I recommend all IHEC Blog readers visit frequently Smart Study Abroad was started in January 2009 by
Brian Steffen who is an Professor of Communication Studies and Department Chair at Simpson College. Brian has done a great job of writing interesting and timely pieces on the field of study abroad. I visit Smart Study Abroad daily (as that is how often Brian tends to post) and really like how he integrates various YouTube videos relating to study abroad into his blog posts. If you haven’t already checked out Smart Study Abroad I recommend you do so! Brian has already posted podcasts on his blog and here are brief descriptions:

Sharon Wilkinson, Associate Professor of World Languages and Culture at Simpson College, discusses setting up a semester program in French Polynesia. You can access her podcast

Lorna Stern Laniak and Amy Greeley from the Center for Education Abroad at Arcadia University discuss study abroad at Arcadia University. You can access their podcast

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