Thursday, May 7, 2009

Denmark as a Destination for Elite International Students

The Copenhagen Post Online published an interesting article on April 24th about Denmark offering top foreign students free tuition if they commit to working in Denmark for a couple of years after completing their studies. The Copenhagen Post reported that in 2007 there were 4,714 international students pursuing a higher education at Danish universities and that was 80% lower than the previous year.

Science Minister Helge Sander identified the growing number of English language university courses as an “attractive option to foreign students.” Sander is further quoted as saying “When I started as minister almost eight years ago there were only about 60 of our educational courses in English and today it’s three times as many. And of course that’s important for foreign students.”

You can access this Copenhagen Post article

The growth of English language courses throughout European higher education is an interesting phenomenon and one I wrote about a little over a month ago in my post “Increase in English Instruction Decreases the Quality of Dutch Higher Education” which you can read
here. As I come across related news and developments I’ll be sure to post to IHEC Blog and/or to Twitter.

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