Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two Excellent Swine Influenza Resources for International Educators

Swine Influenza A (H1N1) is most certainly on the minds of international educators and higher education officials across the globe and in particular here in the United States. I believe (hope) that most people in the field who are working on the Swine Influenza issue are aware of the following resources but I want to post information and links to IHEC Blog for readers who may be unaware of these valuable online resources.

Safety Abroad First - Educational Travel Information (SAFETI) Clearinghouse
The SAFETI Clearinghouse is, in my opinion, the leader in health and safety for the field of study abroad/international education and is a resource that everyone should consult when planning or assessing current health and safety practices or in a major health event such as the Swine Influenza. The SAFETI Clearinghouse is part of the larger Center for Global Education which was established by Gary Rhodes and is located at Loyola Marymount University. You can access the SAFETI Clearinghouse website here where you can find a link to “Special Topics: Swine Flu”. After the Swine Influenza situation has concluded I encourage you to return to the SAFETI Clearinghouse and access all of the valuable materials created by Gary.

NAFSA website: Swine Influenza: Resources For International Educators
NAFSA: Association of International Educators has established a special page on their website dedicated to the Swine Influenza. You can access NAFSA’s special website on the Swine Influenza
here (pay attention to the links on the right side of the page as well).

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