Friday, April 10, 2009

Cultural Exchange and Understanding as a Result of Some Russian Bells

Luis Campos is an Assistant Professor of History at Drew University specializing in the History of Science. He’s also an expert on the 18 Russian bells that once hung in Lowell House Bell Tower on Harvard University’s campus and are now back home at the Danilov Monastery in Moscow. He’s also my brother-in-law and he has the honor of being the first member of my family to get a mention in an IHEC Blog post!

This blog post is not about his scholarship in the History of Science nor about his research and writings on the history of these bells (although I think he’s writing a book about the bells and I’ll be sure to post about that once it’s published so stay tuned). You can read an article on Luis’ research on the bells here.
The Christian Science Monitor has a short narrated photo presentation on the bells return to Russia and it was a statement from a representative of the Danilov Monastery in Moscow that caught my attention and prompted me to post about the bells. Through a translator, a member of the Danilov Monastery stated:

“We’ve been anticipating for a long, long time in our monastery and it became possible and also it enriched our relationship in terms of our cultural exchange and cultural understanding.”

You can link to the Christian Science Monitor article here.

P.S. I can neither confirm nor deny a private and up close tour of the bells up in the Lowell House Bell Tower in spring of 1997…

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