Thursday, April 2, 2009

Accessing Best Practices in Internationalization

NAFSA has updated the Accessing Best Practices in Internationalization (ABPI) tool (a product of the Teaching, Learning & Scholarship (TLS) knowledge community). I’ve enjoyed watching this project come from a thought on a piece of paper during the NAFSA 2005 conference in Seattle to more formal technical planning over drinks at a hotel bar during the NAFSA 2006 conference in Montreal to the initial launch and promotion during the NAFSA 2007 conference in Minneapolis.

What I really like about the ABPI is that you can search by various theoretical criteria for campus internationalization. ABPI currently focuses on the following theoretical criteria for campus internationalization:

- NAFSA Criteria
- American Council on Education (ACE) Criteria
- Jane Knight & Hans de Wit Strategy

You can read more about these three theoretical approaches to campus internationalization here.

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