Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enhancements to International Education Blogs & News

Many people have discovered commented on my new blogging project International Education Blogs & News which I started a little under a month ago. Since the initial launch I’ve been making small enhancements to the site and I would like to highlight two here:

The first major enhancement to this site is a change in the name of the blog to International Education Blogs & News (IEB&N for short) as I felt this was more representative of what the blog provided to the field of international education. The second enhancement to the site are the Google news feeds on the left sidebar that cover the following topics:

Study Abroad
International Education

Educational Exchange
Peace Corps

Once on the International Education Blogs & News website you simply click the topic of interest and you'll be able to link to articles on the web found by Google on that topic. I will be adding more topics to this "Google News Roll" in the coming days and weeks but wanted to set up these initial news feeds as a pilot. Please provide comments on these enhancements to International Education Blogs & News and if you have or know of a blog that should be included please post a comment.

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