Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Resources from NAFSA conference sessions

During the NAFSA: Association of International Educators conference last week in D.C. I was a panelist at three separate sessions and chaired the special research seminar on global student mobility. The plan is for all of the power point slides and other handouts to be made avialable online. As the session materials or other information about the sessions become available I will post messages with information on where to access the documents. Following is what is currently available:

Assessment Toolbox for International Educators
Presenters: David Comp, University of Chicago
Darla Deardorff, Duke University
Elaine Meyer-Lee, Saint Mary's College
Lee Glover Sternberg, James Madison University
Victor Savicki, Western Oregon University


Data and Research on U.S. Multicultural Students in Study Abroad
Presenters: David Comp, University of Chicago
Gayle Woodruff, University of Minnesota

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