Monday, March 10, 2008

Forum on Education Abroad Releases Code of Ethics for Education Abroad

On Monday, March 3, 2008 the Forum on Education Abroad released its Code of Ethics for Education Abroad. According to the Forum, their website received over 6,000 hits within the first two days of their release.

The Code of Ethics is divided into the following four sections:

Section I Preamble

Section II Ethical Principles for Education Abroad

Section III Ethical Guidelines: Examples of Ethical Best Practices for Education Abroad

Section IV The Forum Compass: Four Questions to Guide Ethical Decision Making in Education Abroad

The Forum Compass is especially interesting. The Compass’ Four Questions to Guide Ethical Decision Making in Education Abroad are:
1. Is it true, fair and transparent?
2. Does it put the interests of the students first and contribute to their intellectual and personal growth?
3. Does it reflect the best practices of the field?
4. Does it foster international understanding?

The upcoming Forum on Education Abroad annual conference has devoted several session slots to issues related to ethics and standards of good practice in education abroad. Below is a list of related sessions and the presenters and discussion moderators:

- Ethical Standards and Study Abroad: Case Studies
David Comp, Lester Goodchild, Dennis Gordon, Peter R. Kerrigan, Rosalind Latiner Raby, Michael S. Steinberg

- The Ethics of Advisory Board Service
Laurie Black, Kendall Brostuen, Michael Morrison

- Models of Academic Good Practice: Creating Frameworks to Achieve Optimal Academic Outcomes
Dennis Dutschke, MaryƩlise Lamet, Sarah McKenzie, David Rudd

- Conducting and Participating in Ethical Site Visits
Bill Clabby, Barbara Rowe, John Wells, Annagene Yucas

- The Forum on Education Abroad's Code of Ethics: Discussion
William Anthony, Andrea Custodi, Michael Morrison, Carolyn Sorkin, Annmarie Whalen

- The Ethics of Approving Programs
Richard Gaulton, Martha Johnson

- The Intersection of the Australian Quality Practices with the Forum Standards
Cynthia Banks, Rob Castle, Jen Nielsen

-The Ethics of Study Abroad Pricing
Stephen DePaul

You can access the Forum’s Code of Ethics for Education Abroad here:

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