Monday, June 7, 2010


The International Visitors Center of Chicago is now called WorldChicago.  Here is a brief history of the organization that I obtained from the e-mail update I received:

"Our new name, WorldChicago, reflects the growth of our organization during the last 58 years. We are tied to the emergence of Chicago as an international city," said Peggy Parfenoff, executive director. "Our commitment to encouraging citizen diplomacy, one handshake at a time, has resulted in thousands of leaders and students learning more about Chicago and its people who are part of a vibrant professional, academic and cultural community."

With Chicago roots more than half a century old, starting in 1952 as the Hospitality Center of Greater Chicago and for the last 40 years as the International Visitors Center of Chicago, WorldChicago is a name that updates our image and allows us to expand our work in Citizen Diplomacy.  WorldChicago will continue to host the same international exchange programs as the IVCC and will continue to host 800 visitors per year from all over the world."

You can link to the WorldChicago website at

Photo credit:  kevindooley

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