Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New 3-Minute Video Summarizes Research Insights on Good, Bad Community Impacts of International Volunteering, Voluntouring

Yesterday I became aware of this fantastic video that summarizes recently published research on the community impacts of international Volunteering, Voluntouring.

The video is great and worth watching followed by reflection and discussion!

The video is especially timely for me as my 13 year old daughter will be departing next week for a twelve day service learning trip to Pucará, Ecuador through her middle school.  As part of her confirmation at church she is required to volunteer at three different places (this trip to Pucará will count) and she will need to write a reflection piece on each experience.  This video will help me and my wife as we talk with her about her experience upon her return!

The Building a Better World Community has made the video available at globalsl.org/.  After viewing the video take some time to peruse and bookmark the site and consider connecting via their Facebook page and Twitter at @BuildingBetterW and Blog!