Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seminar on Using Social Networking to Promote International Educational Exchange by the American Chamber of Commerce in France

I regret to inform that this seminar was held earlier today!  As I was clearing out my Gmail inbox (for my IHEC Blog and related activities) today during lunch I came across this interesting seminar hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in France via a Google Alert I received while I was at the NAFSA: Association of International Educators annual conference last week.  While I wish I could be posting in advance of the seminar so those in France who would be interested in attending could register,  I thought it was still interesting and important to highlight on IHEC Blog.

The use of social media is taking off more and more each day in the field of international education (I’ll be posting much more about this in the coming days and months) and this is a very unique seminar in my opinion.  What is most interesting to me is that the American Chamber of Commerce in France (in partnership with the U.S. Embassy) is focusing a free seminar on our field and the use of social media to promote international educational exchange!  The following is a copy and paste job of the description of the seminar:

Subject : Social networking and education
Speakers : Steve Hargadon, Social Learning Consultant
Participants : Limited to 45
Location : AmCham France
The U.S. Embassy, in partnership with the Training and Education Taskforce of the American Chamber of Commerce in France, invites you to attend the seminar:

Using Social Networking to Promote International Educational Exchange

Social Learning Consultant, Steve Hargadon, will discuss and present the many different internet social networking tools that can be used to develop classroom exchanges and that can be extended to other organizational exchanges as well.

Mr. Hargadon is the founder of the social network, Classroom 2.0 (www.classroom20.com) and has served as a consultant for PBS, Ning, and the KnowledgeWorks Foundation among other institutions. For anyone interested in developing classroom exchanges between French and American schools, or strengthening a cultural or institutional exchange (such as a Sister City relationship), this seminar is not to be missed!

This is a free event - limited to 45

Let us hope that we see more of this in the future!  Here is the link to the original announcement of the seminar.

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  1. Social networking can play the major role to promote the education. We must think about it because in now days social media the most powerful tool to promote eduction.

  2. Couldn't agree more, David. I think most folks are only beginning to scratch the surface of how social media can be an incredibly important tool in international education. Love to explore with you doing a stateside version of this someday.

  3. @Marty ~ Many thanks for the comment. I think a stateside version of this would be great. Yesterday I meant to upload another social media in international education post and it will go up very soon. It's an online on demand workshop out of NAFSA Region VIII.

  4. As the quest for social acceptance goes on, the role of social networking in this digital age has become an integral part of learning and education. But, as any tool, it can be used for good or evil, I suppose. But, what a wonderful way to be able to communicate to those across the world.