Friday, April 16, 2010

Video of the Week - Who Will Grade Your Work

IHEC Blog (and its subsidiaries) are going on vacation for a little while.  The reason is that I need every extra minute of the day to work on my dissertation proposal.  I do have a few posts already written and scheduled to post next week and the following week but a little break is needed.  My dissertation will be related to international education and once my proposal is approved (I guess it has to be written first...) I will be able to share more and will probably post to IHEC Blog from time to time about my research and/or seeking information.

For this video of the week I have selected "Who will grade your work" which is a montage of PhD Comics with the "Who will grade your work" song playing (adaptation of a Jewel song).  I recently discovered "Piled Higher and Deeper" a grad student comic and love it!  You can check it out at  Additionally, you can sign up for future comics via e-mail, RSS feed or Facebook.

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