Monday, April 19, 2010

IHEC Blog is Going on a "Dissertation Proposal Vacation"

Embedded within last Friday's "Who Will Grade Your Work" video of the week post I mentioned that I'm taking a short break from posting to IHEC Blog as I'm working on my dissertation proposal and it is a bit of a time sensitive issue.  My "Dissertation Proposal Vacation" will, of course, be no vacation....

I do have about four or five posts ready to go out over the next few weeks (about once a week) so you will still see some new content on IHEC Blog.  It just won't be every day (Monday to Friday).  My presence on IHEC Blog's Facebook page and on Twitter will also be significantly reduced.

Photo credit: edanley


  1. Good to hear! Hope this happens soon... just remember to "stick to your guns" no matter what "suggestions" are thrown at you. All the best!

  2. @Louis ~ thanks for the comment!