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Research and Scholarship Forum: A preview of NAFSA conference sessions and seminars

The following is a more or less copy and paste job from a message that my colleague Bryan McAllister-Grande, from Brandeis University and the NAFSA Research/Scholarship Network Leader, recently posted to the Research and Scholarship Network.  I am reposting it to IHEC Blog with his permission.  I'm actually involved with one of the seminars and one of the meetings listed and will post more about them as the conference approaches.

Over the next few weeks, as the NAFSA conference in Kansas City approaches, we'll be highlighting some network sessions, seminars, and events that you might have particular interest in. Today, I'm going to preview some of these below. To find out what's going on overall in the Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship community, visit the TLS "Experience" page here.

Research based Seminars
·  Strategies for Implementing Peace and Justice Initiatives in International Education
 Thursday, 6/3 - 2:00 PM

International educators strive to actualize NAFSA's Values Statement through study of developments in peace, justice, and civil society; and by building knowledge and programs that yield skills in coalition-building, conflict resolution, and citizen diplomacy. This seminar focuses on new ideas in this area and how they can be applied in our work.  More here.
·  From Theory to Practice and Back: Applying Social Science Theory to International Education
Thursday, 6/3 - 2:00 PM

Explore ways to improve your practice through intentional and reflective use of relevant social science theories. Using case problems and sample theories, you will learn to apply theoretical approaches to achieve the highest impact for your educational efforts. Theories to be explored include examples from international relations, modernization, and peace and justice studies. More  here.

·   Advancing Internationalization on Our Campuses Through Research
 Friday, 6/4 - 8:00 AM

As individuals or individual institutions, our research efforts are admirable and growing. But what might be done if we merged our efforts into some kind of collective research agenda?  This seminar will work towards creating a research agenda when considering U.S. 
international education policy goals, including policy goals on education abroad, international students and scholars, campus internationalization, and others. More here.

Expert Speakers
·  Internationalizing the Academic Self: Learning and Teaching in International Higher Education (Guest faculty member Gavin Sanderson, University of South Australia)
Wednesday, 6/2 - 1:30 PM

This interactive session draws on theory and research to illuminate personal and professional characteristics that underpin university teachers' internationalized outlooks and classroom practices. It promotes a range of items in relation to an 'ideal teacher' that have the potential to assist lecturers to further develop their international and intercultural perspectives. More here.
·  Global Regionalisms and Higher Education (Guest faculty member Kris Olds, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Thursday, 6/3 - 8:00 AM

Despite ubiquitous rhetoric about globalization, most mobility (of knowledge, students, and researchers) remains regional or inter-regional in scope. This seminar focuses on the nature of these global regionalisms, and identifies implications for NAFSAns. It will also focus on the use of a geographic lens to explore the international education landscape.
·  View all the "Expert Speaker" seminars here.

Open Meetings, Networking, and Food for Thought
·  TLS Networking Reception - all are welcome
Monday 5/31 - 5:00 PM
·  TLS Knowledge Community Update - "The State of Research Innovation"
 Tuesday 6/1 - 1:15 PM

Our annual knowledge community update is a chance to hear what we're working on, how you can get involved, and also network with like-minded colleagues. The update will include an award presentation to Prof. Joe Mestenhauser and his comments on "the state of research innovation" in international education.
·  Graduate Student Research Roundtable
 Wednesday 6/2 - 3:45 PM
Our annual gathering of graduate students from across the world who are interested in international education research. We'll break off intro groups based on topics of interest to participants.

Poster Sessions - Wednesday morning
·  International Education to What End? Peace and Justice and Global Citizenship Revisited
Wednesday 6/2 - 9:00 AM
Details here
·  International Education Research
Wednesday 6/2 - 9:00 AM
Details here

For a full list of TLS-related sessions during the conference, visit here.

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