Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looking Forward to Finishing my Dissertation!

The last week or so I've been working under a very tight timeline to submit a draft of my dissertation proposal which is due tomorrow.  I will still need to work on the draft for the final submission in a few weeks.  A special word of thanks goes out to my wife with all of her help and for flying solo much of this past weekend with my three wonderful [but tiring] kids, who also deserve a word of thanks for putting up with daddy!

Once my proposal is approved I will be able to talk and post more about my topic and will most likely turn to IHEC Blog, Facebook and Twitter if I have questions or in an attempt to learn of tips on where to find additional information and resources!  I haven't been able to respond to most e-mail messages or work on other projects that we may have communicated about but I hope to be able to return to them soon.  Last Friday I created my own Google search story [you can create your own you search story here] about my time in graduate school to date which follows...

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