Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two New Publications by The Forum on Education Abroad

The Forum on Education Abroad has made available two new publications for download in their Standards Toolbox. The two new publications are:

Alignment and Accountability in Education Abroad: A Handbook for the Effective Design and Implementation of Qualitative Assessment Based on Student Evaluations (2010) was developed and written by Lilli Engle and Patricia C. Martin.

Strategies for Education Abroad Advocacy on Campuses (2010) was prepared by the Forum on Education Abroad Advocacy Committee.

I have read most of these two new publications and think they are excellent contributions to the field. To access the Standards Toolbox you must be a member of the Forum on Education Abroad.

If you or your institution/organization are not currently members of the Forum on Education Abroad you might want to consider joining. You can learn more about Forum membership here.

Photo credit:  vinmarshall.  For the curious, this photo is of a book binding machine

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