Monday, March 8, 2010

IHEC Blog's Facebook Page

The other night I figured out how to add a PDF tab on IHEC Blog's Facebook page (however, can't remember how I did it).  What's nice about this feature (in addition to being able to add docments in PDF format to my Facebook page) is that you can get code to embed into any webpage you want.  So, this is my first attempt to embed a PDF document in an IHEC Blog post.  I imagine that I will imbed more documents into IHEC Blog in the future assuming this attempt is successful.  The following document is a simple one page flyer on my services through International Higher Education Consulting (my little side business).  You can access my website here.  Since I'm a very small operation (although I do have a part-time associate I can call upon from time to time on certatin projects) and I have three little mouths to feed in my household I haven't been able to upgrade my website and domain name to better integrate all of my research and work.  That will come in time and most likely will be a reward to myself for completing my dissertation.

International Higher Education Consulting Flyer


  1. If you could somehow figure out how you inserted that PDF into your fan page, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been trying to figure it out for months!

  2. I try to figure it out and will post here.

  3. @Anonymous ~ You can add PDF documents (as well as other tools) to your Facebook fan page via What I'm finding diffiult is that I think I can only add one PDF document and may need to upgrade to involver permium. It might be worth it if you plan on using any of their tools on a frequent basis.