Monday, March 29, 2010

Study Abroad and Curriculum Integration – University of Minnesota Style

Check your calendars and hold this Thursday, April 1st at 12:00pm (EST) if you can because The Chronicle of Higher Education is hosting a live chat for their "Innovators in Internationalization" series with University of Minnesota colleagues Gayle Woodruff, Director of Curriculum and Campus Internationalization, and Martha Johnson, Director of the Learning Abroad Center.  I know Gayle and Martha and am excited to hear what they have to say!  The following description of this Innovators in Internationalization chat was posted to SECUSS-L by Karin Fischer from The Chronicle of Higher Education and I am posting it below with her permission:

Most colleges wrestle with low study-abroad numbers. How do you convince students, and professors, that taking time away from the campus is both feasible and beneficial to a student’s academic career? The University of Minnesota has developed a method for success by working closely with departments to map out a realistic timetable, and appropriate international partners, for dozens of majors.

Learn how Minnesota did it, and get tips for your own college, by joining a Chronicle of Higher Education live chat with Gayle Woodruff, director of curriculum and campus internationalization at the university, and Martha J. Johnson, director of the learning-abroad center there. It will be held on Thursday, April 1, at noon Eastern at

You can read a related article from the March 28th The Chronicle entitled “U. of Minnesota Integrates Study Abroad Into the Curriculum” here.

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