Monday, March 29, 2010

International Education and the Immigration Reform Debate

NAFSA’s latest blog post on the immigration debate caught my attention and I thought I would post about it to IHEC Blog. In her post entitled “International Education Is Key to Making Immigration Reform Work for America” Heather Stewart, NAFSA’s Counsel and Director of Immigration Policy, explains the pivotal role international education plays and specifically addresses the need for policies to attract more international students and scholars in order to boost our economy, competitiveness, and ability to connect with the global community.

Heather also pleads the case for a productive national conversation on immigration. She says, “Historically, immigration reform is an issue that cuts across party lines, only succeeding with bipartisan cooperation” and “Immigration reform is a moral and economic imperative, not a political football to be fumbled or kicked down the field. When our members of Congress treat immigration as a game, we all lose.”

Have a thought about this? If so, please visit NAFSA’s blog and leave a comment.

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