Friday, November 13, 2009

Links of interest for the Week of Nov. 6th to 12th

Yes I know the days of my week (Thursday to Friday) for these posts are a bit strange but they work for me and I’m okay with it. Following are several links I have found to be of interest (and one rather humorous link) that I either posted or RT’d to Twitter this week:

Open Doors 2009 is coming next Monday! IIE has been tracking internatioanl student mobility for 60 years (via @IIEglobal)

Jon Stewart on the Job Posting for a Dead Archivist (see my June, 2008 IHEC Blog post on the GD archives here)

RPCV Pamela Houston on her experiences in Kiribati & volunteering with a disability (via @PeaceCorps , @mobilityintl)

Are you interested in TCKs?

100 Excellent Open Access Journals for Educators

Overseas study bubbles on brink of bursting

is looking for students to talk about how they share their study abroad/travel experiences online, reply on Facebook

International Educator (for @NAFSA) “Health & Int'l Travel Insurance Considerations for Students w/ Disabilities”

Education Abroad Advising to Students with Disabilities (@NAFSA publication)

A World Awaits You - Special Edition on Including People with Disabilities in International Exchange by MIUSA


A Framework for Analyzing the Impact of International Students on Economic Development (via @IDPDRIE)

"Finding the Ties That Bind Through Educational Exchange"

New Foreign Language Partnership Bill introduced in the House Nov. 9th (via @CitizenDiplomat)

I’m liked this point/counterpoint about study abroad in The Chronicle

2 reports on U.S. cultural exchange & diplomacy by the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation

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