Thursday, November 12, 2009

Call for Authors - New "Reviews of Global Studies Literature"

There are some really great things happening over at the NAFSA Research/Scholarship Network (part of the larger Teaching, Learning & Scholarship Knowledge Community). The following post is simply a copy & past job from a recent Research/Scholarship Network call for authors. Many thanks to Rebecca Hovey for leading this effort and to Bryan McAllister-Grand for his work on this!

Members of the NAFSA Research/Scholarship Network ( are working on a new pilot resource for the field, tentatively called "Reviews of Global Studies Literature." This online feature will consist of short reviews & synopses of recent research and literature.

The purpose of the project title is to include not only international education research and literature, but also relevant books for our profession in fields such as human rights, peace and justice, international relations, international studies, cross-cultural communication, psychology, anthropology, etc. A more complete description of the project with submission guidelines is available at or can be requested by email (see below).

We are writing today to invite you to be involved as a book review author for two initial "issues" in 2010. These reviews will be published online to the NAFSA Research/Scholarship Network, promoted in our
discussion forums, and in PDF form for download.

Book reviews will be of two types, although we would consider other creative proposals:

1. Book review *articles* will compare and review 3-5 related books in a short essay format of less than 1,000 words. The articles should take on one topic or regional area (e.g. "social justice," "global competence," or "Africa") and integrate book reviews with the author's knowledge/expertise of that topic. The article should also address the relevance of the books to the field of International Education.

2. Book *synopses* will be short reviews of individual books of approximately 1-2 paragraphs or less than 500 words.


# January 15th 2010 submission deadline for mid-February 1st online Issue

# April 18th 2010 submission deadline for May NAFSA Conference online Issue

More information:

A project description with more details on submission guidelines, as well as a list of potential books to review, is available at

We hope you'll also consider suggesting other books for review so we can add to our list.

Please note that we can not provide copies of books, nor reimburse for purchasing expenses.

We hope you'll participate in this exciting project, which we hope grows into a kind of virtual "book club." Since the idea is still in development, we'd also welcome feedback about project design, book
choices, etc. Feel free to email either Rebecca or Bryan – contact details below.


Rebecca Hovey
World Learning

Bryan McAllister-Grande
Brandeis University

Members, NAFSA Sub-Committee on Research/Scholarship
Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS) Knowledge Community

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