Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two-Week Summer Graduate Seminar on Study Abroad in Rome, Italy

Loyola University Chicago’s School of Education will again be offering a unique opportunity this summer for graduate students to participate in a two-week (July 4-17, 2010) graduate seminar focusing on U.S. students who study abroad at Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center Campus.

The seminar is ELPS 429: U.S. Students Abroad: Lessons from Rome in Cultural Immersion (see the summer 2009 syllabus here) carries 3 graduate level semester hours and will be taught by Terry Williams. I’m a doctoral student at Loyola in Comparative and International Education and while I never took this course, due to work conflicts, I’ve only heard positive feedback from those I’ve known who have taken the course. Terry Williams has taught this same course in Rome for several summers now.

If you are interested in this graduate level seminar please visit Loyola’s website for summer programs here and you can reach Terry Williams at

Of special note: The John Felice Rome Center is the oldest continually operating U.S. university program in Italy.


  1. I participated in this seminar in 2006. It was a very unique course and professional development opportunity, in addition to the 3 graduate credits I earned. Did I mention the gelato?

  2. Any idea about phd program seminar for this year? Thanks

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