Wednesday, October 7, 2009

IHEC Blog posts will be sporatic this and next week...

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program 2010-2011 season is in HIGH gear for me right now and I truly look forward to October 20th when I mail the box of 69 undergraduate applications from the University of Chicago this year! Don't get me wrong...I LOVE the Fulbright program and, more importantly, talking to students about their research, study and English teaching assistantship plans abroad. With that in mind I hope that regular IHEC Blog readers will be patient as I won't be able to post every Monday-Friday as normal during this week and next week. My evenings at home and lunch hour are consumed with Fulbright related work. Additionally, I'm trying to do a little research for my dissertation, tentatively titled Towards the Development of a Methodology to Measure Public Diplomacy Outcomes of International Education Programs, and both of these activities limit the amount of time I have to think of and prepare the daily IHEC Blog post. If you would like to become a regular/frequent/guest contributor to IHEC Blog please read my post from Monday with more details.
The Fulbright U.S. Student Program I'm working on is not to be confused with the equally prestigious (arguably more prestigious) Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad (DDRA) Fellowship Program. The U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy has some really good information about this program on their blog which you can read here.

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