Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Global Perspective Inventory Update

The following update on the Global Perspective Inventory is posted with permission from my
colleague Larry Braskamp:

In this update I am providing you some more information about the Global
Perspective Inventory, a survey that measures global learning and
development. We are presenting the results of our research and the use
of the GPI this year at over 25 colleges and universities at several
sessions at national conferences listed below. If you and your
colleagues attend a session please introduce yourself so we can get to
know how you would like to better use the results of the GPI in your
planning to enhance global learning and development.

Council of Independent Colleges ---— Chief Academic
Officers Institute, November 1- 4, Seattle. Session: Fostering global
learning and development at a college. Paul Naour, Central College.

American Association of Colleges and Universities—Annual
conference, January 22-24, Seattle. Session: Asking big questions about
being a global citizen. Alzeda Tipton, Elmhurst College; Robert Haak,
Augustana College; Paul Naour, Central College; Larry Braskamp

Institute for Student Values — Annual conference,
February 5-7, Florida State University. Session: Enhancing student
identity. Art Chickering, Goddard College; Larry Braskamp

Forum on Education Abroad— Annual Meeting, February
18-20, Portland. Session: Different types of students need different
types of environments. Jessica DuPlaga, College of Wooster; Neal
Sobania, Pacific Lutheran University; Kendall Brostuen, Brown
University. Workshop: Using the GPI in Study Abroad. Dennis Doyle and
Brain Zlystra, Central College; Larry Braskamp

NASPA---— Annual Conference, March 7 – 11, Seattle. Session:
Successful partnerships in assessment: Using the Global Perspective
Inventory to measure student learning and development. JoNes Van Hecke
and Keith Jones, Central College; Charles Walker, St Bonaventure; Joel
Frederickson, Bethel University; Larry Braskamp

You can learn more about the GPI by accessing our website,

On the Welcome page, please click “Take It!” if you and others wish to
take the GPI to learn of its contents. Use the Access Code, 9990, when
prompted. A partial list of the colleges administering the GPI this year
can be found by clicking on “Information and documents.” A summary of
our research on education abroad can be found in “Resources.”

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