Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Study Abroad Tweets of the Day [U.S. Election Edition]

Here are the study abroad tweets of the day pertaining to the results of the U.S. Election last night.  These tweets, of course, are only a sampling taken at a specific moment in time.  Quite interesting!  What is/are your favorite(s)?

Well even tho yesterday didnt end how i wanted,on the plus side,I not only picked 2 majors & a minor,but I applied to study abroad aswell :)

oh you're going to study abroad for 4 years,in a country that is most likely far more liberal than the u.s.? fucktards galore on fb/twitter

I'm not going to study abroad in Amsterdam anymore, they're cracking down! I'll just take a gap semester to Colorado instead ;)

I'm going to study abroad these next 4 years after last night

I'm leaving the country. Not because of Obama, but because I might study abroad

Disgrunteled about the election? You could always study abroad... #election2012 #studyabroad

I think I need to move to another Country for the next 4 years. Study abroad?!

Everything I voted against passed. Maybe it's time to go study abroad and let y'all deal with the mess y'all have made.

okay phew thanks america, i will go to the study abroad meeting later after all #Obama

Im glad I dont have to study abroad... If Romney wouldve won I wouldve left.. But congrats Obama"

Good.. move to Antarctica, Canada, or even study abroad for two years! We don't want bad attitudes here anyways. #BeGone

we can all have a giant political convo tomorrow! I have a meeting though for study abroad so after

I might study abroad in Colorado now...

To all the people saying the will study abroad or move, haha BYE! Sad to see you leave #notreally #pleasetakeoffense

Well, I'm gonna go study abroad for the next four years. If you need me I'll be in Italy

Think it's time to study abroad, try to learn how to make money in a socialist economy.

Now I don't have to study abroad for the next 5 semesters!!! #OBAMA12 #mypresidentisblack #obama4POTUS

Can I study abroad in Colorado?

HELLOOOOO Parliamentary System, Can i just study abroad now or....?

"Mom I want to study abroad. But not in a different country that's dangerous. I was thinking, and this is just a suggestion, maybe Colorado"

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